The reason behind my low account balance

Don’t worry – this is not a finance/banking/economics discussion.  I don’t know much about these fields anyway! 😛

I love trying different cuisines around the world.  One of my favourite ‘exotic’ dishes would probably be Chicken Tikka Masala.  Since September, I’ve been eating out quite a lot after uni started, which is most likely the reason of my constantly low account balance (hmm…about that…).  Living in a multi-cultural city like London, it is not difficult to come across ethnic eateries.  Growing up in Hong Kong, my tummy was somehow trained to crave for Asian food now and then 😛  So below are a few of my favourite Asian eateries in London so far that I would like to recommend to you all!

(I do want to apologise – if you happen to be reading this at night, I am really sorry if the pictures make you hungry…)

Many friends of mine told me that Eat Tokyo is one of the best Japanese restaurnts in town, and after this visit I just cannot agree more!  I went to the outlet in Soho, which is one of their 5 outlets across London.



Salmon & Avocado uramaki (aka inside-out roll)

I can’t find another phrase to describe how I feel about Eat Tokyo, but ‘value for money’.  I was there with a friend, where I had a Chicken Teriyaki Bento (below), and she ordered an Oyakodon (Chicken & egg with rice).  We also ordered some uramaki rolls (above) and a pot green tea to share.  The bill was £23, and we left with 2 full bellies PLUS 2 satisfied smiles on our faces :).  Their 40 years of experience is totally proven by this super authentic and delicious meal.  It is nothing like W_______, it’s not even comparable!  I am definitely visiting Eat Tokyo again to try other dishes from their super thick menu!


Soho Branch address: 16 Old Compton St, London W1D 4TL

Most of the restaurants in Chinatown are with decent quality, each specialising in different varieties of Chinese cuisines.  The best restaurant with Chinese/Hong Kong cuisine is Old Town 97.  It just gives me a taste of home with a wide variety of dishes, from fried rice to noodles, rice vermicelli, meat dishes…the list just goes on and on…

I went there with a friend recently, and discovered a secret dish off the menu.  It is a dish with egg rice, a fried egg and pork chop in a gravy.  I would say this dish is pretty authentic and creative.  I usually order rice or noodles dishes, simply because I am a big fan of those, instead of just ordering meat or vegetable dishes to share.  Dining at Old Town 97 reminds me the taste of home… *I miss the homemade food that my mum cooks, tears*

 Address: 19 Wardour Street, London W1D 6PL

The sweet stuff

For me, a meal should always be completed with a dessert.  I highly recommend Boba Jam in Chinatown.  They have a WIDE range of Hong Kong/Taiwanese style desserts – from sweet soups, waffles with ice cream and toast with ice cream…I had a very difficult time deciding what to order, because everything on the menu looked so delicious!  Below is the toast with red bean and green tea ice cream that I ordered.  I promise – it tasted better than it looked 🙂


Apart from desserts, they also have a small takeaway section in the restaurant, where you can buy bubble tea (and desserts, I believe) to go.  If you do crave for some very authentic Hong Kong/Taiwanese style desserts, look no further!

100-102 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5EE

Boba Jam on Facebook

And of course, one does not simply resist bubble tea!  Chatime is the brand that I trust in Central London.  The brand originates from Taiwan, where this amazing beverage was invented.  To be frank, bubble tea here is pricy compared with the prices in Hong Kong or Taiwan.  A cup of bubble tea is roughly £3.50 here, while it costs less than £1.50 in Hong Kong.  But what else can you ask for apart from a 100% authentic bubble tea when you’re abroad?

Oh, don’t forget.  The Chinatown branch ALWAYS has a long queue.  To avoid the queues, why not walk to the Soho branch instead?  Plus – you can check out the great restaurants there!  Apart from these two branches, they are also in 2 other locations in London.

Soho Branch: 11, Old Compton Street, London, W1D 5JF

Chatime UK on Facebook

As always, the map of all locations I’ve mentioned is on the ‘maps’ page which you can find at the top menu, and you can also click from here


 So if you are feel like eating something Asian, I hope this post have been useful!  Since it is Lunar New Year tomorrow, I wish you all a happy new year, Kung Hei Fat Choi 🙂

Do you have any amazing eateries in mind?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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