Hello there!

I am so glad to be home back in Hong Kong!

But for now I still have quite terrible jet lag…yeah that’s why I’m typing this up right now 🙂

Have been eating quite a lot of good awesome decent food.

Above is HOT POT – just a pot of broth/soup and you put everything in there and just cook…and just eat it from there!  It’s simple, but VERY DELICIOUS.  We usually put loads of meat and vegetables, and also some meatballs and dumplings.  It’s a very typical Hong Kong food, especially in the winter.  I swear you’ll be nice and warm after eating this!  This is a must have food whenever I come back to Hong Kong, and I’ve always missed it when I’m away.

And then I…received a very nice birthday present from my parents…a necklace from Tiffanys!


Apart from that, I have been really lazy to be honest, ’cause for me home is where you can chillax like legit?  So I’ve been staying in bed for the whole day, been watching a few films, browsing Facebook/Instagram…just enjoying life pretty much!  (Before I remember that I have an essay due in January right after the break………)

To sum up I’m just so happy to be home.  Will keep the blog updated when I get over the jet lag and start going out with friends!  Have a nice holiday everyone!

À bientôt xx


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